Alana & Arthur Welcome You to Rainbow Bridge Studios

Brought together by a magickal, Faery-tale love, these two dynamic souls have been working joyfully to build a Human-Friendly Future. Together and separately, they have many talents to share and would be more than happy to assist you in the unfolding manifestation of your dream reality.

Work with Alana Blusol

A shamanic practitioner and real life Faery Queen, Alana has a special, joyful and loving presence that can see you through your darkest times and most difficult challenges, supporting you all the way into the person you truly choose to be.

Work with Arthur

Arthur Danu's life is the successful manifestation of an ancient, timeless and mythical magick!  Arthur uses the TAROT to both guide and teach others to claim their own divine birthright and authority.  When he's not doing that, he's using his many and varied talents to beautify both the material and digital realms of the human imagination.


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