RBS : TEN SUN MEDITATION featuring Binaural Beat Technique™

TEN SUN MEDITATION is a verbally guided audio exercise that is intended to activate the Symbol of Life, also known as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, in the listener's subtle energy field. The lineage of the meditation originates with Daskalos, a late 20th century mystic from Cyprus. Robert Gilbert, of The Vesica Institute in North Carolina, introduced the meditation to a larger audience. Patrick Michael Mooney added his magical voice and knowledge of binaural beats to bring the meditation into this synchronized form.

During the exercise, you will be guided to locate and recognize the 10 energy centers and 22 energy pathways within your own consciousness and energy field.

For spiritual seekers of all kinds, knowledge, and awareness of the Symbol of Life can create greater harmony within the physical body and provide a cohesive, time-tested structure for navigating and ordering the uncharted chaos of the Invisible Worlds. For students of the Kabbalah and Tarot, in particular, here you have an invaluable tool to deepen your study of the Major Arcana.

Audio Download, duration 49:50

Supported by our world-class Binaural Beat Technique™, TEN SUN MEDITATION is truly a beautiful marriage of the very ancient and the very modern!