THE PERFECT GIFT is a guided shamanic journey to your Inner Self. The Inner Self is what others call soul, spirit, subconscious mind, or heart. The Inner Self has a direct access to the field of information and has been storing everything that has ever happened to you. Everything. Good, bad, and the ugly. This subconscious intelligence can either assist you or sabotage all of your ideas and intentions.

THE PERFECT GIFT will assist you in these things:

  • Guide you directly to your Inner Self, your subconscious mind, the storage of data and memories.
  • Assist you in releasing – not changing or fixing - the negative programs and beliefs in the subconscious mind, and healing many issues in your life
  • Align the conscious and subconscious mind, and open the way for Divine inspiration

          You will be guided on your journey by Alana Blusol (formerly Oksana Zielinski), a practicing shaman in the lineage of Peruvian, Russian and Norse traditions.

            Audio download, duration 55:33

                  We hope you enjoy this recording of our Weavings of WYRD™ line of shamanic titles. Look for more to come in the future!