Binaural Beat Technique™

The BBT™ symbol illustrates what is best known, scientifically, about the phenomenon of binaural beats. The two “B”s do a pretty good job of representing a top-down look at the brain. Their mirrored positions represent the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The black and white concentric circles represent sound waves and vibration, which are introduced to the brain through the wearing of stereo headphones.

The two “B”s are not exactly identical in terms of how they are lit. This represents the off-setting sounds of slightly varying frequency, which stimulate the brain through what is perceived as beating sounds, even though those beats are not on the recording.

The radially-colored “T” is indicative of the many “brain-map images” seen in scientific literature, that purport to demonstrate a whole brain harmony that is achieved by the brain working to solve or resolve the discrepancy into balance or harmony.

The “T” also represents technique, because we here at rainbow bridge studios are claiming that the only technology used in this process (besides the computer and audio program this was created with) is your own music player and the headphones that deliver our sounds to your ears (as well as the internet, which makes this form of vital communication between us possible).

The “T” is also a homage to the powers of Thought, Truth, Thor, The Sisters Three” and Thoth-Tahuti, the great architects of mystery and life serving mankind for Aeons, who were powerful sources of inspiration and guidance in the creation of IMAGINARIUM and all BBT™ featured titles to come.

Patrick Michael Mooney - Why Binaural Beats? from Rainbow Bridge Studios on Vimeo.