Shamanic Services

Shamanism is a most ancient form of healing medicine.  It has been practiced in one form or another on every continent and in every cultural tradition in the long history of humankind.  Its legacy is its own testimony and endorsement of the effectiveness of shamanic techniques.

Like Reiki "masters" and the gurus and yogis that preceded them in the New  Age invasion of our culture in modern times, shamans and shamanism have come into vogue in the early years of the 21st century.

In Alana Blusol (formerly Oksana Zielinski) you will find one of the best and AUTHENTIC shamanic practitioners operating in the world today. Her clients tell stories of HEALING and TRANSFORMATION, finding joy where none had been possible before.

Alana will never take credit for the healing work done through the offering of her services.  Alana knows that a client's GUIDES are the true power in a healing session, along with the conscious will of the client to seek and maintain improvement over the conditions of their lives.

In an always incredible way, the Invisible makes itself known, and the true healing and magic begin!

Explore what shamanism can do for you!  Visit Alana at to learn more and book a session!


WYRD TV 001 - Oksana Zielinski (BlueSolShamanism) from Rainbow Bridge Studios on Vimeo.

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