The Book of Danu

Patrick Michael Mooney was a popular and successful high school History and Religion teacher when the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 changed his life forever. Like Odysseus, he wandered far away from home into realms of mythic power in order to grapple with the Gods and find meaning to the apparent madness of modern Earth life. The journey transformed him into something more than human altogether.

Arthur Danu is the once and future king of Grail Lore, returned now to Earth as Ambassador from The Sidhe, a race of Invisible Beings known commonly throughout the world as The Faery Folk. In 2013, Arthur met Patrick, who was traveling through Ireland on a vision quest and invited him to become Human Ambassador to The Sidhe, a position Patrick accepted with great gladness.

Together, through human and faery eyes, both take a look at the present situation of humankind and bump into the eternal questions of Truth, Justice, Power, Love, Peace, Freedom and Happiness. More importantly, they provide the vision and the power necessary to help you see through to your own solutions.

Like Life, The Book of Danu simply needs to be experienced. Enjoy and be transformed!