Ask The Ambassador™ Tarot Reading

Welcome to the Ask the Ambassador™!  It is my intention to offer you the accumulating talents I am gaining through my incredible relationship with a group of Beings that I and the good people along the western parts of Ireland call The Sidhe, which many others often call The Faery Folk, and whom you may call whatever you like, depending upon the story you are writing for yourself in this lifetime.

I offer 1-on-1 Tarot readings via video conference on Zoom & over the phone. 

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Tarot is a timeless tool that taps into archetypal, universal energies, and can be used to gain clarity, make informed decisions, and take confident action.

Tarot reading is a conversation between you and your Inner Self: during a tarot reading, you are aligned with the Universal energy within and without you. In a Tarot reading, we can explore the probabilities of different choices that you might make to create the best possible plan for the joyful future.

My name is Arthur Danu and I’ve been an intuitive reader for over 10 years. I am your Ambassador to the Invisible realms, reading the symbolic language of Tarot and offering you guidance from the Universe.

I am not here to tell you what to do or predict your future. Instead, I’m here to help you expand your perspective and see a bigger picture.

Together, we’ll create a space for you to align with your innate wisdom and get in touch with your truth.

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