RBS : The Book of Danu (Volume I) : This is What Smart People Read?

The Book of Danu is dedicated to all the forces of The Sidhe, that have ever been a faithful companion to me. I call my art “Poetography”, (pr. POE-tography) though some have tried to label it as pornography, simply because some naked skin turns them on.


While I have always dabbled a bit in poetry, it was not until a magical trip to Ireland in 2013 that my “inner Bard” came to life and began spouting poems at a creative pace I have never witnessed before.


What you find here is a magical manual….a guidebook…into the greatest realms of human existence that you could ever dream of!


Please note, this is NOT THE ONLY WAY to such states of being, just my own particular style of exploration and expression. It has been both painful and fortuitous, requiring a fair amount of bravery.


The book is also auto-poetographical, each entry is a combination of evolutionary voices and perspectives that create and distill a unique wisdom, crystallized from the life I live in the flesh and the imagination.


Now, having reached The Faery Realms, I have agreed to serve the Faery Queen for an undisclosed number of years, much as my predecessor, Thomas The Rhymer, did many Moons ago.


It is my sincere joy that your soul be lifted and your imagination become gifted by pondering what is said and is shown.


The Book of Danu is unlike any other book you have ever encountered. Combining images into visual art, poetry, prose and sound, Patrick Michael Mooney weaves a tale of profound magical transformation that transcends the known limits of modern consciousness and leads you to the Heaven Realms of your own divine imagination. Here is the manual, not only for becoming rich, but for becoming wealthy beyond all counting. All the ingredients for a happy, successful life are found within. Includes special edition artwork not seen anywhere else. Contains nudity in form and Truth!

Book: 188 pages

Audiobook, listening length: A little over 4 hours and 20 minutes!