Rainbow Bridge Studios is proud to present this FREE introduction to the awesome power and potential of Binaural Beats for you to experience.  All you need to do to get on board is download our free audio recording and grab yourself a pair of stereo headphones. Then, find yourself a nice, quiet place where you can relax for about half an hour, and open yourself up for something NEW. Please download the USER's GUIDE and follow instructions to prepare yourself for a great experience.

BINAURAL FLIGHT will give you a brief introduction as to what binaural beats are and how they are created.  Most importantly, during your BINAURAL FLIGHT, you’ll get to experience their effect on you, so you can decide if you want to work with them more in the future.

We here at Rainbow Bridge Studios know that the power of binaural beats is in the potential to unlock an invisible world of intelligence and power that is right at your fingertips, waiting to be discovered.  Binaural Beats are a wonderful tool in human development and can move you past some of the blocks within yourself that may be holding you back from your highest dreams in this life.

Take this relaxing BINAURAL FLIGHT and see for yourself!  When you land, you might find yourself in a slightly different world than the one you left before.  We think you’ll agree that that’s a wonderful thing!

    Audio download, duration 31:00

        We hope you enjoy this recording of our Binaural Beat Technique™ line of audio titles. Look for more to come in the future!

        Patrick Michael Mooney - Why Binaural Beats? from Rainbow Bridge Studios on Vimeo.