Spirit Prosperity Guide is guided shamanic journey to a special Guide of prosperity and abundance in the sacred realms of the Great Spirit and your own imagination.

This shamanic journey will assist you in these three areas:

    • A thorough release of your accumulated money beliefs
    • An energetic atonement to the frequency of abundance
    • Effective next steps in your journey to true prosperity

      You will be guided on your journey by Alana Blusol (formerly Oksana Zielinski), a practicing shaman in the lineage of Peruvian, Russian and Norse traditions.

        Audio download, duration 33:50

              We hope you enjoy this recording of our Weavings of WYRD™ line of shamanic titles. Look for more to come in the future!

              WYRD TV 001 - Alana Blusol (Oksana Zielinski) BluSolShamanism from Rainbow Bridge Studios on Vimeo.