SANCTUARY is guided shamanic journey to a special place of healing and power in the sacred realms of the Great Spirit and your own imagination. It is a space that you will create where you can safely enter into relationships with the many intelligent and wonderful Beings that make up the Invisible side of reality. These could be power animals, spirit helpers, and Spirit Guides long recognized in their relationships to human culture and life on Earth. You will be transported there by the verbal guidance and drumming of a highly experienced and very powerful shaman.

Creating a beautiful environment in your Middle World will enable you to more easily branch out into other areas of shamanic and spiritual exploration, and can become a storehouse for all the valuable treasures you will discover within yourself that you may also ultimately want to share with the world.

You will be guided on your journey by Alana Blusol (formerly Oksana Zielinski), a practicing shaman in the lineage of Peruvian, Russian and Norse traditions.

    Audio download, duration 33:04  SAMPLE

      We hope you enjoy this recording of our Weavings of WYRD™ line of shamanic titles. Look for more to come in the future!