Universal NEUTRAL pendulum, Belizal, Chaumery, Radiesthesia, Biogeometry

Neutral Pendulum (clear, spherical)

Neutral pendulum is excellent to ensure the quality of neutrality so necessary in many radiesthesic processes. Used for detection only. Requires very infrequent cleaning.

Our pendulum is particularly useful to establish PERSONAL WAVELENGTH, a way to measure and calibrate pendulum in accordance to the personal wave - a measurement that is totally individual and varies from person to person.

To know ones personal wavelength is important in order to measure and determine the compatibility with products, foods, supplements, remedies, situations, persons; to determine the energetic balance or imbalance of organs, glands, tissues, and cells of the body. 

Extremely useful and the base of much of classical physical radiesthesia, or what is known today as vibrational radiesthesia. A must pendulum for any serious dowser.

Long string is effective for a resonant length calibration, with a loop at the end, and adjustable silver clamp.

Product details:

Size: 10" long.

Weight: 10 gr.

Material: plexiglass sphere, cotton string, sterling silver clamps.