RBS : The Magus Speaks by Patrick Michael Mooney

What would it sound like if you lived your life like you were a son of the gods?  In The Magus Speaks, Patrick Michael Mooney steps to the microphone and answers that question before the whole world, giving testimony to a powerful story of transformation based on Love, Courage and enough curiosity to kill a million cats!

Is the New Age truly here?  Is the New World Order really new? How come so many lives look and feel like they are living the same old, same old? What would happen if you tweaked your point of view just a little bit, and allowed some more unlearning into your awareness?

There's magic here to last a life time. How much is that worth to you?

As the famous quote from the original Robocop movie blared, "I'd buy that for a dollar!!!"

Audio Download. Run time: 78 minutes