Weavings of WYRD™ Shamanic Journeys

WYRD is a term of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is similar to teachings in other cultures about the concepts of FATE and DESTINY, or what others might call pre-destination or pre-determination. These matters become more understandable when one recognizes that the physical universe is ALIVE and INTELLIGENT, though its many operations remain UNSEEN by human perceptual capabilities.

This relationship to the INVISIBLE was often personified in female form – no doubt by men, who usually have a hard time understanding women! In the Norse Traditions, The Sisters of WYRD are called The Norns, or The Three Fates. You will find many variations of the idea of Three Mother Goddesses throughout the ancient cultures and modern religions of the world.

In our personal lives, WYRD has guided us to our greatest states of joy and creativity, and has also seen us through the most challenging crisis of our lives. In these dark days of Man, as he contemplates hurtling the world yet again into tiresome and tearful war, the LIGHT of WYRD has shown itself to be a reliable compass in finding truth and happiness. It is in a spirit of gratitude and honor that we name and dedicate our shamanic creations under Their Wholy Name.