ART to HEARTS Collection : SEASCAPE by Carlos Manuel Castillo Rodriguez (Oil on Canvas Painting)

Offered here is a magnificent painting by a famous Cuban artist Carlos Manuel Castillo Rodriguez "Hope on the Horizon".

Note intricate details and incredible light rendering on his painting! Oil on canvas, signed by the artist, 20" x 29" (51cm x 74cm), has a small wrinkle on the lower left side from rolling the canvas, otherwise in great condition. Canvas only, no underframe.

Photos are made in daylight, with minimal or no touch-ups.

Please email with questions or requests. Carlos Manuel will be happy to create a commissioned work of art for you.

Carlos Manuel was born with a painting brush in his hand! His Art has always been inspired by the landscapes of Pinar del Rio, Eastern province of Cuba.

The miracle of Carlos Manuel is that he never attended the School of Art; he started painting by observing his surroundings. The beautiful landscapes caught his eye and he has been dedicating 15 years of his career to this particular technique. Today he’s a “Maestro” for a lot of young Cuban students.

The Artist of the Mountains as he likes to be called is very faithful to his native region but also to his inner world of emotions and dreams.

He was involved in the following exhibits:

1998: “The essence of a landscape”: Vinales, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

2000: “Submersion and Immersion of a river”: Gallery Victor Manuel, Havana, Cuba

2001: Third and Fourth Auction of Puerto Rican and South American Art: Puerto Rico

2002: Fifth Auction of Puerto Rican and South American Art: Puerto Rico

2003: “The Essence of a Landscape”: Arturo Regueiro, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

2004: “The life’s story of Mogotes”: Gallery Victor Manuel, Havana, Cuba

2006: “Fantastic Reality”: Museum of the Art, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

2011: “The way to Sumidero”: Gallery Los Oficios, Cuba

2013: “Two visions of Paula”: Gallery Carmen Montilla, Havana, Cuba

2014: “Two visions of Paula”: Hotel el Embajador, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

2014: Exhibition "Dreaming the World" Gallery Carmen Montilla, Havana, Cuba

Permanent Collections:

2000- Cuban Art Collection: Gallery Oand, Portugal

2001- Cuban Art Collection: Gallery California, USA

2002- Cuban Art Collection: Gallery De Bodden, Dominican Republic


Carlos Manuel is a member of the collective of international artists " Human Beings, What Unifies Us? " compound of Cuban, European and American painters, sculptors and photographers. This collective was created further to the reopening of the relations between the United States and Cuba and aims at propagating the beauty and the peace in a feeling of brotherhood.