Rainbow keychain LED light USB flash drive

This handy USB keychain compact drive comes with 4GB of storage capacity, which is plenty enough for most people to tote around their important documents and media files.  It is compatible with both Apple and PCs. 

The drive features a useful LED spotlight that recharges every time you plug the drive into a USB capable device.  Gently squeeze its two faces together to activate the integrated LED light to use it as a handy keychain flashlight.

It also comes pre-loaded with BINAURAL FLIGHT, an experiential tour of the power of binaural beats.  That’s a $16 value, absolutely free.

Order any of our meditation titles and have them pre-loaded onto the Rainbow Key Drive before we ship it to you and receive $5.00 off each title.  That’s a potential savings of $20.00 on top of the added value, making our Rainbow Key USB Flash Drive a great gift for the Holidays or any special occasion.

All media sales are final.