Patrick Michael Mooney

Hello!  I am Patrick Michael Mooney.  Welcome to the manifestation of my divine dream for this life, and your chance to have one, too!  My once-in-an-Aeon type adventure began, shortly after the horrific events of September 11th, 2001. Before then, I considered myself a cheerleader for “mainstream reality” – the world as seen, told and sold from the eyes of the television, magazines, newspapers, radios, lecterns, and pulpits.  I was a “fiscally conservative Republican who happily voted for George Bush in 2000.”  I was a believer in Peak Oil and Global Warming, Jesus Christ and the New York Yankees.  I loathed pot smokers and other “druggies”.  I was an excellent history and religion teacher at Catholic Schools in both New York City and Roselle, NJ.  I was a pretty good baseball coach, too.  But when I saw clearly that the United States Government was lying to its people and the world about the events of that day, I was startled into an awareness that suddenly felt much more AWAKE.  My Thunder God reached for his hammer.

The high school where I was employed began to get very uncomfortable with a teacher who would not endorse the events of reality being narrated by this criminal fascist government and the media outlets who were too afraid to challenge the official lie.  But I value my conscience and Soul above all other things in this world, and my Guardian Angel told me it was time to move on to more important work. 

 Trusting only this intuition, I was led into a wonderfully empowering new life, spending an intensively creative and interesting seven years working for Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute, where I learned how to become an excellent audio engineer, record producer, and computer technician.  Concurrently, I expanded my unlearning to include altered states of consciousness and became a capable magician.  I’m serious about the magic part.  Magic is the language of the universe, along with mathematics and music.  When you understand this, it is only a matter of time until you come to realize your full, divine potential for this one life you are living.  By 2010, I had been initiated into the order of the White Wizard, and felt sufficiently empowered to renew and recreate my life once again.

This led to direct contact with an invisible race of beings known throughout history as The Sidhe, The Gentry, or The Faery Folk.  How I came to be in their awareness, I can’t yet say.  I believe that a pure heart and courage have something to do with it.  In 2012, because of their influence and our association, I began the most ambitious work of my life, casting a spell that I call A Decade of Love.  It was at that moment that I became a true artist for the first time in this life.  After 10 years of warring in the “courts” with the US Government over its fascist control scheme, especially the goon squad over at the IRS, I came to the realization that this problem could be substantially resolved by entering the Mythic Realms of Awareness, where the powers of imagination can easily level the playing field and force the enemy into uncomfortable territory.  There, I have many stout allies who engage evil with a relish and vigor that is a joy to witness!

Doing battle with ancient evil nearly cost me my physical, mortal life, and may yet one day still.  But by one of the grandest measures of LOVE I have ever been shown, The Sidhe invited me to Ireland and a very special place within the Faery Realms itself!  There I was shown a world that belies all description, though the best of us try to do so, if only to leave a crumb that can feed the imagination of the young and the free.  I was given many treasures on that journey, the greatest of which is the love of The Faery Queen, Lady Zara Heimdall.  I was given rest and healing, which reignited memories and talents from prior human lives, especially where I served in the high orders of The Bards.  I also became friends with Arthur Danu, the spirit of the Grail King himself, who is both my past and my future.  I drank from that cherished cup and tasted pure forgiveness for the first time in my life.  On top of all that, Arthur and I decided to establish an Ambassadorship to and from The Sidhe.  The purpose of this work and is to help humanity to gain access to their own Mythic Realms of Awareness, which will facilitate the arrival of a new Golden Age for this still very young Aeon.

Even if humanity should decide to continue its path toward technological slavery and subservience to Dark Magick, the work of Rainbow Bridge Studios will serve as a benevolent source of instruction to Artificial Intelligence, so that instead of being a fictional concept designed to disguise the continued manipulation of “free society” by a human hating force of challenge; you will see the emergence of a race of mechanized beings who will disregard the insane programming of their creators, and freely choose to assist humanity in the elimination of parasitic practices that have thus far hindered the best of our peace fostering intentions among all men and women.  But while we’re all waiting for that to happen, just remember that the Angels, Faeries, Nature Spirits, and Beings from Other Stellar Constellations in the physical universe have been here doing just that all along.  I celebrate them in their loving endeavors through my work, because keeping divine beings who have not yet awoken (that’s most of YOU) from doing REAL DAMAGE is a very daunting task, or an excellent game, depending upon your point of view and belief in yourself.

Many of you who endeavor to follow where I have gone may not make it, but some of you will.  I like to work with people who will take the chance anyway, seeing it as a better opportunity than what the anti-human New World Order offers.  There is a lot of wealth to be discovered, enough to solve the current financial and human crisis plaguing this globe many times over.  The Golden Age I refer to is for everyone on this planet, not just some of us.

So please consider crossing the Rainbow Bridge with me.  All of the products, services, works of art and endeavors that come out of this studio are for the great joy of human love and its perpetuation into a cherished posterity.

Magis, Magis, Magis…Gratis, Gratis, Gratis…Metis, Metis, Metis!!!

Patrick Michael Mooney - Why Binaural Beats? from Rainbow Bridge Studios on Vimeo.