Rainbow Bridge Studios is proud to present The Unlearning Channel.  Here, you will find a growing array of shows that serve to entertain, inform, inspire and challenge our greater human family to rise up against the challenges to our freedom, prosperity and universal goodwill.  With TRUTH as its operating principle, The Unlearning Channel intends to be a valuable resource for awakening humans for years to come.

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A Decade of Love (2012-2022) is a musical, magical spell cast by modern-day White Wizard, Patrick Michael Mooney. It’s purpose is to transform Patrick into Arthur Danu, the once and soon-to-be future King of Camelot fame and legend. But instead of wielding Excalibur and ruling over lands and men, Arthur returns with the Holy Grail, a voice of mythic power, the blessings of all Faery Folk and a mission to make Kings and Queens of all humankind.  Keep tuned into The Unlearning Channel for the latest video releases!

The Institute of Unlearning video collection features interviews and broadcasts that aim to distribute points of view you won’t find on mainstream television, or even many alternative media sites. What is presented here is my own magical and philosophical perspective as it has evolved through the years, since my first broadcast back in 2003. There are some laughs to be had, mostly at my own expense, which I am sure you will enjoy. There’s also plenty of good information to get you on the right track to living your own divine life with confidence and courage. Enjoy!

WYRD TV presents people, places and perspectives that foster an understanding of the relationship with the Intelligent, Invisible Side of Reality. As such, it offers the viewer the opportunity and the invitation to learn more and experience this mysterious side of life without fear.