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  • Don't Waste a Great High! Welcome Cannabis Users!

    Don't Waste a Great High! Welcome Cannabis Users!

    With more than half the colonies of the former USA recognizing the beneficial nature of marijuana as part of a human-friendly future, we felt it was appropriate to extend an invitation to this formerly stigmatized crowd of reefer-maddened peoples by supporting the THIRD WAY of marijuana use and exploring its spiritual dimensions. LOOK FOR THE ABOVE ADVERTISEMENT IN HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE! Can a plant have spiritual dimensions?  Is it we who imbue the plants with spirit or is the plant our true ally, as Native Traditions teach? Perhaps the Truth is beyond both of these, pointing to an invisible reality...

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  • Rainbow Bridge Studios on Shopify

    Welcome to Rainbow Bridge Studios on Shopify!

      Greetings to our friends, old and new!  We have been working hard these past few months to upgrade our look on Shopify.  Let us know what you think! 2016 has been one of our most productive years so far and we are on schedule to produce more empowering media in 2017 and well into the future, which will be a human-friendly one if you resonate with our vibe. Be sure to take advantage of our high quality, FREE DOWNLOADS.  They will give you a taste of the integrity and quality of our products, as well as do something very...

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