Ready for a Momentous 2019?

Ready for a Momentous 2019?

The end of 2018 gifted Alana and I with even more magick than what had already occurred since our momentous revealing at the 18th Fairy-Human Relations Congress at The Skalitude Retreat in Washington.

Alana and I just finished her wonderful Holy Nights of The Soul, which is a fabulous way to transition from one solar cycle to the next.  If you missed it this year, mark it in your calendar for late December of next year.

We find ourselves at the start of 2019 in Southern Oregon, orbiting the Spiritual, Shakespearean and Socially justice-minded city of Ashland, meeting wonderful people with an increasing interest in our vision of a Human-Friendly Future.

Out in the Applegate, just west of Jacksonville, the lands are rife with Faery magick that Alana and I are relishing.  We are dreaming BIG DREAMS for 2019 and we hope and pray that you are doing so, too!

As the mainstream media will have it, you should all be quaking in fear at what's coming down the road or over our borders, or into our solar system.  Don't believe in such nonsense!

We here at Rainbow Bridge Studios encourage you to DREAM BIG!  The Gods, Goddesses, Faeries, and Elementals are waiting for you to speak your truth and shine brightly.  As Aleister Crowley wisely wrote once, "Each Man, Each Woman is a STAR!"

This echoes the wisdom of Christ when he taught, "Have I not told ye, and is it not written, that Ye are Gods?"

2019 is the year you find your stage...or build we're doing.  Thanks for your help and support along the way!  We hope you find our offerings supportive of your highest aspirations for a life lived like a masterpiece.

If you have the means, donations to our Decade of Love are deeply appreciated!

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