Rainbow Bridge Studios at The Faery Congress!

Rainbow Bridge Studios at The Faery Congress!

Happy Summer Solstice Season!

Alana and I have been living, creating and transforming for most of the last year at the beautiful Skalitude Retreat.  Located near the small town of Twisp in the Washington Colony, Skalitude has hosted a Fairy-Human Relations Congress for more than a decade.  What a "homerun" of synchronistic faith to be led on a journey that brought us here!

Wherever we go, our creativity gets inspired.  That was no different at Skalitude!  Alana and I produced a new episode of Living The Magickal Life, where we talk about the leaps of FAITH our Faery Friends constantly call us to make, and the rewards we continue to find along the way.

To celebrate the Congress, not only did we produce a very fun musical spell in Faery Dance (Volume I), but we also decided to give The Book of Danu away for FREE, in honor of this great synchronicity.  Please enjoy all of our offerings as you strive towards a Human-Friendly Future!  Thanks for joining us!

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