Don't Waste a Great High! Welcome Cannabis Users!

Don't Waste a Great High! Welcome Cannabis Users!

With more than half the colonies of the former USA recognizing the beneficial nature of marijuana as part of a human-friendly future, we felt it was appropriate to extend an invitation to this formerly stigmatized crowd of reefer-maddened peoples by supporting the THIRD WAY of marijuana use and exploring its spiritual dimensions. LOOK FOR THE ABOVE ADVERTISEMENT IN HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE!

Can a plant have spiritual dimensions?  Is it we who imbue the plants with spirit or is the plant our true ally, as Native Traditions teach? Perhaps the Truth is beyond both of these, pointing to an invisible reality that escapes most human imagination.

In any case, we now invite you to explore the possibilities that Rastafarians and others have known through direct experience; that cannabis has the quality to act as an inner teacher to the sincere person who desires to know TRUTH and to live honestly and courageously in the light of that truth.

There is no doubt that marijuana is a potent medicine and a beautiful, healthy form of relaxation and recreation, especially when compared to the life-ruining practices of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. But human society is being offered an even grander opportunity through the increased social acceptance of cannabis.

Can we re-imagine ourselves and our world? Everyday, the lies of mainstream and alternative news outlets are being exposed by people all over the world tired of seeing the best of humanity dragged down by time-wasters not interested in telling the truth. What good is it to live in an Information Age if most of the information is nonsense?

We at Rainbow Bridge Studios are endeavoring to build a human-friendly future, one joyful person at a time.  We embrace an ancient, more natural point of view to life;  one purposely guarded behind occult walls for reasons of great love that become known to you on the way to your own, personal kingdom of happiness.

To unlock the door and begin your own journey, all you have to do is give the command!

Enjoy our 4 free downloads. Whether you listen to them stoned or with a more sober consciousness, you'll be supported by our world-class Binaural Beat Technique™ and our modern blend of shamanic practices which we call the Weavings of WYRD™.


BINAURAL FLIGHT is intended to be a first-class introduction to binaural beats by Patrick Michael Mooney, a man who worked for many years at the world-famous Monroe Institute in Central Virginia.


THE PERFECT GIFT is a shamanic journey to your Inner Self, a potent intelligence that can help you through the tough times and poor choices you've made in life and set you on the path to more joyful living...if you are willing to change!  Created by Oksana Zielinski of Blue Sol Shamanism, one of today's most potent and lively shamanic practitioners!

SPIRIT PROSPERITY GUIDE is also a shamanic journey that will lead you through a clearing and cleansing ritual that can open you up to insights from your imagination that can unfold and expand your ideas about prosperity and where to find it in your life.

TEN SUN MEDITATION is a traditional meditation exercise, where you are led through a visualization of the ten centers of the Symbol of Life and how they interface with your human energy field. Inspired by the teachings of the Cypriot mystic, Daskalos and passed along by Robert Gilbert of The Vesica Institute, this activation of the Tree of Life can provide structure within the psyche to those who encounter the chaos of invisible worlds.

 We hope that these four, free titles provide you with useful contact to your own, inner authority.  May they empower your imagination so that YOU become the SOLUTION to the challenges you face in your world.

If you benefit by the handiwork of our labors, we hope you will consider supporting our endeavors further through the purchase of items in our store or through a generous donation to our DECADE OF LOVE (2012-2022) Campaign.  Since we first made our public appeal for support, we have been overwhelmed at the generosity of spirit placed on display before our eyes.  We continue to rely on the synchrony of divine support through caring individuals like you.

Thank you and ENJOY!

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